About Us

  • Compurex delivers: Quality Products you know will work, Competitive Pricing, On-time Delivery, and Friendly Customer Service
  • Buy Certified Pre-Owned components that are Guaranteed - Everything we sell is checked & tested before it ships!
  • Dispose of unwanted equipment - We'll evaluate your used computer equipment to determine if it has any market value.  Check out our Asset Recovery service.
  • Rent or Lease systems โ€” Call us today to see how we can solve your short- or long-term technology requirements.
  • Repair or Service your computer systems - Our trained and certified technicians have over 60 years of experience and work in a dedicated 6,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art test facility.


Message from the President

Since 1987, Compurex Systems has been a leading provider of new and used computer hardware. From systems and storage, network applications and peripherals, to service and repair, Compurex Systems has sought to be a one-stop source of technology to a multifaceted customer base. In the ever-changing environment of the computer industry, Compurex Systems has maintained its position on the forefront through competitive pricing, rapid delivery, and quality product. Furthermore, our attention to detail and customer service has set us apart from our competition throughout these 20 years of growth.

Since our inception, our industry has changed drastically. The mergers of major manufactures, increases in affordability of product, and the overall saturation of computer resellers has changed the face of the business we are in. The climate of commerce, which we were at one point accustom to, matured to a point where having a 'computer company' was not a sufficient enough attribute to remain in business. Through these times, Compurex Systems endured, only because of these aforementioned relationships, our reputation in the industry, and the level of care, devotion, and workmanship exhibited by our staff.

At Compurex Systems our efforts and motivation are derived from more than just getting through the 'daily routine' of the computer resale industry, we look to make long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, and are driven by the concept of dependability. Exceeding the expectation of the customer, whatever that may entail, is our goal. We strive to be more than just the voice on the other end of the phone.

As we to look to the future, a task which every successful technology company is constantly forced to do, our overall goal is not exclusive to the idea of meeting the current needs of our customers, but to the continual anticipation of future needs. We accept this responsibility as part of our commitment to our customers. At Compurex Systems, we pledge to continue to provide the unparalleled service, reliability, and cost efficiency our customers have become familiar with in the past, both today and into the future. Simply put, at Compurex Systems, We Offer More.

Christopher E. Pernock
President and Co-founder of Compurex Systems